Impact Contact Center Costs Now with Voice-Enabled Chatbots

Join Waterfield Technologies and Streebo for a panel discussion on voice-enabled chatbots. In this session, we took an in-depth look at how businesses are taking advantage of this innovative technology to engage customers and quickly cut costs. 


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Mike Hentges

VP, Product Innovation

Mike has over 30 years’ experience in the solutions consulting market. He came to Waterfield in January 2019 from Digital DataVoice, where Mike held the position of Chief Technology Officer and was a principal owner of the organization. Mike has extensive industry knowledge working with clients across numerous industries to create and implement digital and omnichannel strategies.

Mike Chu

Director of Solutions

Mike leads the sales division for Streebo in the Americas. He leverages his IT experience of more than 11 years in working closely with senior business and IT leaders. He has an industry domain experience in financial services and manufacturing along with strong understanding of technology and trends to help companies digitally transform business models and processes.